Vinyl record clock with Truck V3S motif

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Vinyl record clock with Truck V3S  motif

Vinyl record clock with Truck V3S motif

Fabric: Vinyl
Dimensions: Ø 30 cm
Hodinový strojek: quartz
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Vinyl record clock with Truck V3S motif

The clock made of vinyl record with a Truck V3S motif is a unique retro detail that gives your interior a truly nostalgic atmosphere. It is firm, flexible, and equipped with a quality quartz clockwork. The clockwork generates a subtle, silent ticking.
The clock is a perfect fit for living-room, kitchen or bedroom, but also for garage or your stylish-rendered bar. Powered by an AA battery. For safety reasons, the clock is delivered in pieces (vinyl record + clockwork + hands). Assembly is very simple. The package does not contain batteries.

Produced using the upcycling method

Upcycling is a method when old items, which do not serve its original purpose anymore, are creatively reused to make a new product. Not only gives upcycling new life to things, but it also saves the environment avoiding unnecessary production of CO2 when burning waste or during manufacture.

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